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About us


With the concept of "smart marketing", Webpower's goals are:
Using technology-driven marketing and digging deep membership value for businesses.
Helping companies create a "smart marketing" map, infinitely extend the imagination of member marketing.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1999,Webpower entered China in 2006 and now it has 11 branches around the world.
As an Omni-channel intelligent marketing service provider, Webpower has always paid attention to the multi-dimensional marketing needs of enterprises and continuously exported a variety of innovative, cutting-edge and effective marketing products and services during the past ten years' development in China. In 2018, Webpower launched the intelligent marketing platform Dmartech, creating a marketing closed loop for enterprises from omni-channel data connection, marketing automation, BI data analysis to scenario application and customized development.
Webpower has provided professional marketing services for 10 major industries including retail, IT, tourism, aviation, exhibition, finance etc., and brands like Starbucks, SONY, Wal-mart, GIVENCHY, Remy Martin, Lenovo, Disney, China Eastern Airlines, DBS Bank, Pacific Insurance and so on. Inspired by the concept of intelligent marketing, Webpower is dedicated to technology-driven marketing, in-depth exploration of member value for enterprises, to help enterprises create “intelligent marketing" map, as well as various possibilities of member marketing.

Entering China, pioneering the localized service concept and capturing the market leadership
Designated Partner of Anti-Spam Center of China Internet Association
Top 10 E-Commerce Software in China; 2010&2014 Top 100 E-Commerce Enterprises in China
First China Email Marketing Industry Data Report Provides Professional Data Research and Analysis for the Industry
Awarded "Best Personalized Email Marketing Service Provider"
Awarded "Best Email Marketing Service Agency"
Pioneered the concept of marketing automation synchronized with the launch of intelligent marketing products
Webpower China officially passed the information security management system certification ISO 27001
Silver Award of "Best Big Data Marketing Innovation Award" by
"Team of the Year 2016" by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce
Webpower Marketing Automation Product -- JOURNEY Full Line Upgrade
Won the Gold Award of "Best Marketing Product Innovation Award" & the Bronze Award of "Best Interactive Experience Marketing Innovation Award" by
Webpower Launches New DMARTECH Smart Marketing Platform
Dmartech Wins Gold Award for "Best Marketing Product Innovation" from
Dmartech wins "Most Competitive Platform in China SAAS Application Conference"
Webpower's case wins two awards at the 2019 Marketing Innovation Awards
Dmartech Wins "Most Promising SCRM Platform" Award at ECI Extraordinary Marketing Technology Awards

Contact us

Shanghai Headquarters

5F, No.380 Huangpi South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
+86 400 876 1598


5F, Tower C, Yingke Center, No. A2, North Workers Stadium Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
+86 400 876 1598


No.1, Linhe West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
+86 400 876 1598


11F, Block A, Oriental Hope Tianxiang Plaza, No. 500, Tianfu Avenue, Central Section, Chengdu
+86 400 876 1598


Block B, Building 4, Software Industry Base, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
+86 400 876 1598


2F, China Railway One International, No.9 Yanta North Road, Beilin District, Xi'an
+86 400 876 1598


High quality office area, competitive salary and performance within the peer group; five-percent insurance, overseas travel,
holiday benefits, birthday parties ....

  • Responsible for daily client communication, including client requirement analysis, project quotation, project execution and client relationship
  • Maintain good communication and contact with customers, keep abreast of customer status and collect customer information
  • Project execution, on-site communication with clients
  • Explore the client's needs and provide complete and detailed planning and proposals accordingly
  • Responsible for the follow-up of event projects to ensure that the event achieves the expected objectives and results
  • Improve customer service content and close cross-sell performance
  • Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably with a study abroad background
  • 1-3 years of experience, preferably in sales or e-commerce
  • Good at communication and can grasp and summarize customer needs very well
  • Good experience in programme creation and good PPT, Excel skills with data analysis skills and a nose for problems
  • Excellent presentation skills, will be excited to face customers, experience working in UX preferred
  • Confident, know how to present yourself, sports hobbies are a plus
  1. Quickly learn and become proficient in using Webpower's various marketing platforms
  2. Execute operational tasks carefully and meticulously in multi-tasking situations, focusing on project execution, completing execution projects on time and accurately according to SOPs and client requirements as well as assisting in the development of project plans
  3. Understand customer needs and provide timely feedback, make reasonable adjustments to the execution process, and maintain close communication and feedback with business managers and internal departments
  1. College and above, with study abroad background preferred
  2. Proficient in the use of various office software
  3. Exceptionally sharp with numbers (able to analyze data, find patterns/problems, and develop optimization plans and solutions)
  4. Strong English listening and writing skills, learning ability, stress tolerance, execution and communication understanding
  5. Around 10 years of experience in e-commerce industry and sales work or UX work is preferred
  6. Familiar with CRM operation channels (WeChat , SMS, EDM) is preferred
  • Independently produce standard data reports for emails, SMS and MMS and related reports for CRM dimensions according to customer requirements
  • Mapping reporting latitude and statistical criteria based on individual marketing campaigns and producing reports
  • Summarize trends based on data results and need to be able to identify outliers in statistical results
  • Need to understand the intent and translate it into quantifiable metrics based on the client's vague data needs
  • Need to understand the business value behind the data and advise clients on marketing campaigns from the data dimension
  • Quickly and deeply understand and use the Webpower marketing platform, and suggest ideas and optimizations for the platform features and experience
  • Proficiency with Office, Excel functions
  • Understanding of database applications, familiar with operating Mysql, Python, etc.
  • Sensitive to data, logical thinking and able to summarize based on data
  • Ability to test hypotheses in relation to actual observations of data
  • Ability to use visual data analysis tools (power bi/ growing io/ Hazel BDP etc.)
  • Preferably with an engineering mathematics background
  • Ability to allocate work time wisely, multi-task simultaneously and prioritize work according to its importance
  • Ability to create PPTs for programme planning and to create and present English programmes
  • Assist OP Manager in developing project plans and controlling project schedules
  • Maintain close communication and feedback with OP Manager/Account Manager and the team
  • Execute emails, SMS, WeChat operations and execute project related content in strict accordance with SOPs and client requirements
  • Proficiency in office software such as PPT and Excel
  • Good communication and comprehension skills, excellent execution and stress tolerance, and sufficient attention to detail
  • Ability to allocate work time wisely, multi-task simultaneously and prioritize work according to its importance
  • In-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the product #D-Martech# features, system architecture and other related knowledge
  • Based on the understanding of the product, organize the system related operation manuals, interfaces and other documents, and record bilingual system operation videos
  • Answer technical questions about our intelligent marketing platform for customers
  • Preliminary troubleshooting of systems, assisting customers with technical guidance on system interfacing, etc.
  • Assist sales staff in product function introduction and explanation, product usage training
  • Provide feedback to technical and product teams and work together to resolve product and system related issues
  • Conduct requirements research for complex client issues, create project implementation plans, and follow up with other teams on project implementation
  • Help customers solve problems by writing small scripts and tools
  • Bachelor degree or above, excellent English reading, writing, listening and writing, able to use English to write technical documents and emails and daily work communication
  • Ability to write basic html language code and understand simple database commands
  • At least 1 year of basic program development in python, Java is preferred
  • Strong communication skills, patience, service minded, experience in after-sales technical positions preferred
  • Answer technical questions about products for customers
  • Assist sales staff with product feature presentations and explanations
  • Independently complete training on the use of the product
  • Help customers solve technical problems through work order system, phone calls, etc.
  • Excellent English reading, writing, listening and writing, able to use English to write technical documents, emails and daily work communication
  • Understanding of basic html language code, python/php/java, MySQL and other databases and simple code
  • Strong communication skills, patience and service minded
  • Opportunity to retain and transfer for good performance